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Welcome to my website, the latest version. I've tried to simplify things a bit as this becomes a completely personal web, without any business components beyond what you'll find in the Professional section. The site is a combination of cascading style sheets and basic scripts; no Flash content this time around.

The navigation on top will take you directly to the things you might find interesting -- or not. Skip whatever you like, everyone's tastes are different.

Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science

Please come hear my newest podcast, Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science. You can find out by going to Present Moment Mindfulness website, or coming on over to the Facebook page:

Present Moment on Facebook

The Secular Buddhist

You can also listen to my original and continuing podcast, The Secular Buddhist, in which I look into the early teachings of Buddhism with a non-religious context. You can find out by going to the Secular Buddhist Association website, or coming on over to that Facebook page:

The Secular Buddhist on Facebook

What's New?

This isn't a blog, no need to check here for regular updates. If you want to see what's going on, latest and greatest, come to my Facebook page. I've fought against this one for a long time, but it's handy for getting found by old friends.

These Days

Life is good. I spend 25 years in Minnesota, and moved to Massachusetts in June of 2016 with my wife, Melissa Lee. I gave up my IT career to work in the non-profit sector, supporting those who wish to learn and practice mindfulness meditation.

My pile of books-in-queue is so heavy it's about to deeply warp space/time, primarily about nature, travel, buddhism, atheism, and sci-fi/fantasy. Finding a comfy chair by the fireplace at Dunn Brothers or Caribou for an hour or so is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

I'm an outdoorsy guy, and love to hike in the woods. I try to go camping, usually by myself, every year in our national parks, but usually end up in the Rockies of Colorado because I love them so much. Though I'm an old canoe guy, I've never taken even a day trip with one. Maybe Boundary Waters with my new kayak... once I learn that whole rolling thing...

Over on the right you'll get random pics of me, my family, pets, places I've been, and the occassional inspiration (thus, the pic of Superman surrounded by various super pets). Below that are random quotes I like, though opinions vary, of course.

Thanks for visiting.