Csirke Paprikás Nanni

CHEER-ke PAH-pree-kahsh

Chicken Paprikash



Sauté onion rings in butter in 3 quart pot or dutch oven until transparent. Remove from heat, and add paprika, chicken, pepper, tomato, water, and salt. Cover tightly with lid, and simmer slowly for 1 1/2 hours. When meat is tender, transfer to dish.

Strain liquid (you save the liquid; the pepper, tomato, all that gets thrown away). Make a raux using 1 cup sour cream thickened with 2+ tablespoons flour -- spoon small amount of the strained liquid from the pot into floured sour cream, and stir until blended. Put mixture into pot, heating slowly, until thickened. This liquid gets poured over the chicken, and you're ready to eat.


This is typically served with spirally noodles!